Penimaster pro test

penimaster pro with beltThey say a man’s greatest source of confidence is the bedroom’. Men often pride themselves in their sexual performances and achievements. It is the same reason that drives a man’s deepest desire to have the right size of their member. It is no secret that most men are uncomfortable with their penis sizes. If you share this feeling it is best to get the right information from a credible source. The market is flooded with all types of male enhancement products. Whether they work or not depends on the product quality you purchase. So how do you tell what is genuine from all these options? A simple clue is to always choose products made by accredited manufactures and find out how long the product has been tested.

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For those seeking for a non-drug option, the Penimaster Pro extender offers a non-invasive alternative to penis enlargement needs. It is a medical grade device that has been repeatedly and expertly tested; created with German technology. It works through a unique belt-system that attaches itself anatomically to the glans of the penis. What makes it even more effective is that unlike traditional extenders, this one is attached to a pump at the top. The overall results are a general increase in both erect and flaccid length after a short period (in 6 months).


Belt expander system

If you have used an extender before, you know it should be easy and comfortable to use. The belt system works by exerting prolonged tension which eventually causes elongation of the penis tissues. The gradual extension makes sure that there are no damages to the skin tissue in the process. The Penimaster Pro has a belt system that can be worn to any direction as one sees fit. It can be worn under the normal clothing unnoticed. When worn as a hip belt, it can even be worn in usual underwear. It does not constrict anything and daily life activities can go on uninterrupted.

Symmetrical rod expander system

The force generator allows axial and symmetrical elongation of the penis while correcting physiological curvatures of the penis. The pulling force is equal from both sides of the chamber. It allows for lateral and diagonal increases. The Penimaster pro is supported by adhesion and vacuum capabilities which make it very comfortable to the user. It can be used by both circumcised and uncircumcised men of all ages. It can be comfortably used for up to 12 hrs because it does not cut off supply of blood to any part of the penis. The extender is designed to stay in place the whole time despite of the pulling force generated.

Superior glans chamber

Unlike other extenders, the Penimaster Pro does not use the noose/strap mechanism. It is designed to properly secure the penis head while preventing any spillage and discomfort. This means that there is no unnecessary pressure exerted on particular areas as experienced with straps.


The Penimaster pro reviews have been quite positive from most of the users. In addition to length increases, there have been reports of girth gains of up to 10% in 6 months. Over 70% of the users would recommend it to others. In addition, using the Penimaster Pro extender is absolutely painless.


The Perfect Penis – How What She Says is Different from What He Says

When you mention the “perfect penis”, what thought comes up first? That’s right, the size of a penis came to mind. Despite comments from what men and women say aloud, it is different when behind closed doors or asked privately. Size DOES seem to make a difference and matter. Many men find this a bit depressing if they are aware of what the standard is or some men know size matters but are unknowing of the fact that women know what that “perfect penis” size is.

Although penises of any size can still perform their main function of reproducing and are able to do it effectively, even the average size in a penis may not be enough according to women. The average size of a man’s penis is set at approximately six inches according to studies conducted on the subject. While the average size should be perfection, it still is not. Women find that above six inches is necessary for the best sexual performance and reactions. Women of all age groups made the remark that penises six inches or under were not enough for adequate pleasure purposes. This leaves out the majority of males as being able to provide the best sexual pleasure to their partners. Below average sizes are not enough and the average sized men are not either, so this leaves only the above-average men the ability to give women what they want and need.

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Large-scale surveys and much research has been done on what the perfect or most popular size of a penis meets the standards of many types and ages of women. As a result of this research and surveys that were conducted, the “perfect penis” to a woman turn out to be eight inches in length and six inches in girth you can get that with the proextender. To measure accurately to see how you compare, follow these easy steps: The length is measured by holding the erect penis parallel to the floor, placing a ruler at the base of the penis gently resting on the pubic bone and measure to the tip of the penis, making sure the penis is fully erect at its best potential in a warm room. Yes, it makes a difference. Also, while the penis is at an optimal erection, measure the girth of the penis. Take three separate measurements and take the average of the three to be the final result. Measure around the base of the penile shaft, just under the head of the penis and another in the mid section of the penis. Are you above the norm? Does it really matter to you or your partner?

Unfortunately many men have feelings of despair when they think about their lack in size and inability to give pleasure to their partner and think they can not do anything about it. But this is not true. If it is truly bothersome to a man, something can be done. ProSolution is a quality penis enlargement system that can add length and width to a man’s penis. It is a safe and proven program that is a easy way to regain your happiness revolving sexuality.



Male sexual issues can take quite a toll in the lives of many men. People that go through these issues will suffer low self esteem and in some cases have issues developing healthy relationships. There are however products in the market today that seek to help men get their vitality and lives back. Male extra is a product that has been developed to do this exactly with natural ingredients that make it a wonder to use. The best thing about products that come with natural products is the fact they have no side effects. This allows the man to use the product without the fear of harming his body.

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The premise of male extra is that it improves the flow of blood to the male organ allowing the man to experience stronger, longer and better erections. This is by increasing the level of the nitric oxide in the vessels. This compound is known to dilate the vessels. The penis works on the premise that erections are caused by the flow of blood to the tissues. The more the blood in the tissues the harder and the longer lasting the erections. The loss of good erections is caused when this flow of blood is hindered for one reason or another.

male extra penis pills

Does Male Extra really work?

One of the major benefits of male extra is the fact that it improves the performance of the individual overall thanks to the natural ingredients. It also worked better than man other physical devices that are deemed to increase the level of satisfaction but seldom work. This will also improve the size of the organs exponentially thanks to the ability of the tissues to expand and store more blood. There have been testimonials from customers that have used this product saying that they have noticed growth in their organs within the first 6 months of use. Male extra comes with an ingredient known as pomegranate 70% ellagen which raises the levels of nitric oxide in the blood. This allows more blood into the penis increasing its size with time naturally. This is safer than using physical devices that may cause complications and discomfort.

What are the ingredients of Male Extra?

The natural ingredients of male extra includes; L-Arginine which is an amino acid that helps increase the level of nitric oxide in the body for the purpose of longer and harder erections. You will also find Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM), zinc, Creatine and Cordyceps. All these will help enhance the flow of blood to the organs tissues and also increase libido for the man. They will also induce better orgasms and more powerful ejaculations for pleasure. All these ingredients are also tested and verified for the purposes named above with people that have used the product attesting to their safety.

Male Extra can be purchased from the official site to be sure of what you are buying. The fact that there are many counterfeit products today means that every buyer should be careful about the purchases they are making. This is for the purpose of safety and also to ensure that the product that they are getting will work out for them.

Penis Extenders – Your best option!

penis extendersSince the begging of time sex has been one of the most treasured and sacred activities that a man and woman can have in their lives. However the respect and pleasure of sex has always been determined on how large a man’s penis might be. This article might end up sounding more like a pornographic article but I believe it to be the open truth about sex. Many men have lost their dignity due to the fact that they have micro size penises which in most cases do they do not get the chance to satisfy their women in bed like real men should. In most occasions we actually hear that women leave their husband due to lack of good sex, but thanks to technology this will no longer be the case aver again.

Doctors and scientist have invented the penis extender which is believed to increase the length on the penis by one inch. This is a traction device that one is supposed to put on the penis for at least six hours a day for six consecutive months for it to be able to improve one’s erectile size and erectile capabilities. The penis extender is designed like a bondage device which gives ones genitals maximum pleasure when wearing it on thus making one want to wear it more often. This device has actually helped many people since, many men like having long penis and yet they could not, this making them turn to pornography since no girl would want to be with them and get no satisfaction in bed. But due to this penis extender there is no reason for any man to be afraid to show of what they have. To all men out there facing this problem it’s the high time you made a move and used the penis extender, which is totally safe and make your woman know that you’re the monster.